Crypto Coach, Mentor and Serial entrepreneur Susan Banhegyi has been responsible for several award-winning start ups in cryptocurrency investing, propertydevelopment, as well as sustainable design, Constantly striving to offer a truly meaningful propositions for her discerning international clientele. Susan’s many and varied ventures have afforded her to create a life where she has been free to explore in meaningful ways, cultures from around the world, which have had a major influence on her outlook on many social issues, and have taught her to evaluate how the truly important areas of the Human experience compose the textures of life itself. This road has led Susan to be most highly motivated to involve herself in Social Impact projects where her drive to make a better world possible, can contribute.“Because the ‘New Money’ systems are being built NOW, and women’s voices are missing from the conversation; our goal is to fund women’s projects to help lift all women out of poverty!”



Crypto Women Global 

Helping empower women in the crypto space


My Book:
Create and Grow Your Own Damn Wealth
My Romance with Crypto


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